Identify the right lenders for your multifamily & commercial real estate loan requests

With the most robust Lender Matrix and Support Forum

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Fountainhead Loan Zone is both a lender matrix and community forum exclusively dedicated to providing multifamily and commercial mortgage borrowers and brokers the tools & resources to identify more lenders, collaborate with one another on-line and close more loans.

Do you sometimes work on transactions that you know can get done but the lenders with which you typically work are not interested either because their "buckets" are full, it doesn't match their criteria or they're no longer in the market?

For more than ten years, I've worked as both a commercial real estate mortgage broker and direct lender focused on small balance multifamily and commercial real estate loans between $1 million and $10 million. In that time, I've seen many lenders come and go and underwriting guidelines constantly change. Those lenders that have stuck around seem to have different appetites from one year to the next – sometimes quarterly. Keeping track of all the active lenders in our space and their changing guidelines is time consuming and pulls you away from originating more loans.

So, to better support multifamily and commercial mortgage borrowers and brokers nationwide, Fountainhead Loan Zone will launch the most comprehensive database of every lender in the marketplace along with a community forum that will offer the tools and resources to screen and size transactions, identify the right lenders for your transactions and prepare a package for submission to those lenders.


* Use the lender matrix to narrow down the best lenders for your transactions

* Use the community forum to engage with peers, brainstorm, ask for guidance and get additional information on lenders.

* Get referrals and recommendations; ask about process and execution; and learn about specific lenders from other borrowers and mortgage brokers who have worked with those lenders.

Find active lenders. Engage with other mortgage brokers. Close more loans.


Download Your FREE Loan Submission Template - Use this template to quickly gauge interest from multifamily & commercial real estate lenders by clearly and concisely explaining your loan request so that they can provide you with meaningful feedback sooner than later.

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